Born in 1943, I have been attracted from my early youth to Fine Arts, particularly painting. Notwithstanding I decided in later life not to earn a living being a painter.


I studied Architecture at University Fridericiana in Karlsruhe (South Germany) and received my diploma in 1969. This was followed by an 5 five year activity as a lecturer at the same University during which I prepared my doctorate under the guidance of Professor K. Selg at the Faculty of Housing and Human Settlement, same University in Karlsruhe. I was awarded my doctoral degree in 1971 and since this time I have been successfully working as an independent architect.


During my professional activity I have incessantly been involved in painting. However, I only showed my work to a small circle of people avoiding the public sphere of Fine Art. In 2013 I started to exhibit my oeuvre to a broader public in my studios in Germany as well as in Spain.


During my artistic activity I put a great variety of topics to be depicted at the center of my attention. For the last couple of years though I was increasingly concentrating on objects of everyday life - objects blown up in the painting to the effect of magnification of the depicted object. The observer’s way of perception alters inevitably and channels in his revised cognition.
By this means, objects of everyday life switch to become artistic representations. Thus the impact of the enhancement confers a particular meaningfulness to the object and conveys an articulate message to the viewer.


The realistic representation is defined by its painterly technique. It is not to be confused with photorealism. The very particular way of painting is caused by a coarse undercoat consisting of mineral resine plaster applied to a hard fibre board. As a result of supplying meticulous thin layers of colour which still allow to perceive the coarse undercoat in a mat but colourintensive surface is achieved.
The selection of the object, the painterly technique and the described undercoat of plaster are the fundamentals of an individual distinctive style achieving a particular effect and impact.